Get Specific & Find Your Creative Niche

Get Specific & Find Your Creative Niche
April 13, 2016 Adrian Thompson

We’re in a world of niche markets. It’s important to evaluate how you want to fit into that world within the context of creative services. Undoubtedly, our industry continues to grow with new tools and demands, which leaves more and more room for specialization (and domination). You’ll notice many artists taking a broad stance with how they market themselves as a jack of all trades: graphic designer, animator, film editor, web developer, etcetera. It may look impressive, but it’s not an effective long term strategy. Let me explain. When a client wants a landing page for their website, they’re going to search for the guy who is the best at creating landing pages. If they can’t afford him, they’ll look for the second best guy, and so on down the line. If you’re providing multiple types of services in different styles and mediums, how could you possibly compete with someone who is focused entirely on landing pages? You can’t. In fact, you’re already at the bottom of the list and borderline impossible to find.

“Management chaos prevents you from being productive and ultimately suffocates the best version of your creative self.”

Not only that, imagine how it feels when you’re juggling several different types of projects; your brain is constantly being forced to switch gears. At times it can be like trying to manage entirely different businesses, because everything is subjective and dependent on each client’s changing needs, budget and schedule. That management chaos prevents you from being productive and ultimately suffocates the best version of your creative self. By dedicating your efforts to a specific creative offering, you can quickly become a force to be reckoned with. While others are spread thin offering a wide spectrum of services, you’ll be growing a brand around a niche that you can master and dominate.

Our strategy at Modio has been to focus on high quality animated videos that help brands explain their product or service in less than 2 minutes. It has allowed us to focus on improving our process everyday, so that each project is better than the last.

What are you going to focus on?



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