Top 3 MoGraph Picks for 2017

Top 3 MoGraph Picks for 2017
January 25, 2017 Adrian Thompson
Motion graphics by Le Cube

Image credit to Le Cube.

Inspiration is everywhere, and there’s a lot of it. This year we’re going to start compiling the best motion graphic videos that we encounter, as often as we can.

Let’s jump into it.

1.) Slack – Work Simplified

This vibrant animation by Giant Ant does a fantastic job at demonstrating the chaos of work. The movements and complexity of the actions almost create a feeling of discomfort as we try to figure out what’s happening, then the scene transforms into to an orderly conversation once Slack is introduced—all without saying a single word. The creative direction and design truly ensnare the senses and don’t let you go.


2.) King Brag

Next up is an explainer video from The Academy, now known as Society. The merits of this video go well beyond it’s beautiful design and clever motion graphics; we love how it makes an emotional connection with their audience. It establishes a mutual understanding of, “We know why you like this, and we do to”, which is a great place to start when capturing someone’s attention.


3.) Havaianas – Tapir

Le Cube really nailed it with this spot. It’s one of the cuter motion graphic videos out there (seriously, these characters are adorable) but that’s not the reason it made the list—this video is just downright entertaining. It views more like a short film: showing us the story of this creature through several creative scenes, and at a beautiful pace, which really draws us in. Then at the very end, we learn how the actions of this hero contribute to a greater cause. Simply wonderful.


What do you think of these?

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    thanks Adrian ! you compiled the best ever motion graphics videos that we can encounter. its really great experience to watch them

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