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Easy Arrows

Easy Arrows

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The fastest way to auto-orient graphics to a path in After Effects.

What’s the most natural way to draw attention to something? Point to it! Until now, creating a basic animated arrow in After Effects required complex expressions and parenting, which were tedious to setup and equally frustrating to duplicate.

With Easy Arrows, you can create a flexible auto-orienting setup in just 1 click!  Just draw a path and click “Create Easy Arrow”. That’s literally less than 5 seconds. Now you can focus on more important things, like actually animating.

With Easy Arrows, you can:

  • Use built-in arrows or custom graphics & compositions.
  • Easily update your path after running the script.
  • Control styling of the stroke, however you like.
  • Quickly change color & size of entire setup.
  • Precomp for easy duplication.

Download today and start saving time for the things that matter.


  • Script (.jsx) file for After Effects
  • User Guide

How to animate arrows in After Effects.

Additional information

Tested with

CS5.5, CS6, CC, CC14, CC15, CC17, CC18

January 16, 2017

Fixed issue on 59.94 framerate. Fixed issue when running the script with the Shape Layer path hidden.

October 29, 2016

Added width & color adjustments in effect controls. Added precomp checkbox for easy duplication. Fixed alignment issues on foreign language versions of After Effects. Minor UI improvements.

May 2, 2015

New effect controls to lock and control the end point of your stroke. Can now 'Update Easy Arrow' with 'Default Tail' after the script has been run. Fixed bug when using Undo. Fixed arrow glitch when taking sharp turns.

April 26, 2015

Now using Shape Layers instead of Masks. Fixed several bugs.

February 23, 2015

First launched.

7 reviews for Easy Arrows

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Cool App. Has problem in understanding its functionality at first but with couple of steps further leads to desired destination with its diversified functionality.

  2. todd

    Time saving and easy to use

  3. Bill Carson (verified owner)

    In 5 seconds, this made my life much easier!
    Well, maybe 10…

  4. Steven (verified owner)

    I was up against the clock on a project, beating my head up against the wall trying to make an animated arrow manually when I stumbled upon Easy Arrows. Life saver!

  5. l2foldse (verified owner)

    Graphics that involves arrows are now easy to make , thanks guys!

  6. fabrice incandela (verified owner)

    If you are into Motion Graphics, you are always aware of the dreadful arrows problem. No customer is satisfied with random stuff, they need precise and controlled paths. Exactly what this script is about. No equivalent. Nowhere. 5 stars !

  7. Peter Friend (verified owner)

    This an excellent script and I have used it for a few projects now saving myself a lot of time and effort, the team behind this site go the extra mile to help with any problem and would recommend them to everyone.


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