Learn the Basics of After Effects for Free

Learn the Basics of After Effects for Free
June 14, 2013 Adrian Thompson

A series of free tutorials to help you get started using After Effects. Presented by Adrian Thompson, a motion graphic designer with over 7 years of professional experience. These tutorials are short, to the point and aimed to quickly build your confidence in After Effects.

01.) Compositions, New Layers & Effects


02.) Creating & Formatting Text


03.) Masks and Shape Layers


04.) More on Using Masks


05.) Basics of Keyframe Animation


06.) Rendering and Output


07.) Smooth Keyframes


08.) Lights, Camera & Z-space


09.) Parenting & Null Objects


  1. Kingsley 2 years ago

    Frankly speaking I love this. More powers on Ur elbows dear! Please are u on twitter? Please drop Ur Twitter handle. Thanks

  2. Nishant Bilkhiwal 6 years ago

    please upload them on YouTube. Vimeo is so crap!!

  3. Nelson Nunez 11 years ago

    great refresher of the foundation of AE. learned a handful of fresh shortcuts and time-saving techniques!

    how about a tutorial on getting clean keys from green screen? especially ways to pull it off when they’re poorly lit! or on tracking motion and the possible uses of it. and i’ve only briefly played with expressions; that’s always been an intimidating feature that i’ve love to learn as well.

    thanks Adrian!

    • Adrian Thompson 11 years ago

      Great ideas! I have plans to pursue all of those. 🙂

  4. Adrian Thompson 11 years ago

    Added a late upload about some use cases for Masks; the important one being How to Create a Vignette. Check it out on our YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/5In9ju6bLwA

  5. Notta Mehere 11 years ago


    after 40+ years in tv / video production i thought it was about time i started doing some of my own bells and whistles.

    i know enough to know i DID’NT need some complete newbie tutorial that would prattle on about every button and such like, but i did want a clear, concise explaination of the basics… and that you’ve done admirably.

    many, many thanks

    • Adrian Thompson 11 years ago

      Thanks! I’m so glad to hear they’ve been helpful. I’m hoping to create many more—is there anything specific you’d like to see presented?

    • Notta Mehere 11 years ago

      actually i think you’re doing just fine without any guidance!

      you’ve struck a great balance, allowing computer literate users to simply dive in and get started.

      btw – lesliewand.com.au

  6. David 11 years ago

    Thanks! These were really helpful.


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