We’re in a world of niche markets. It’s important to evaluate how you want to fit into that world within the context of creative services. Undoubtedly, our industry continues to grow with new tools and demands, which leaves more and more room for specialization (and domination). You’ll notice many artists taking a broad stance with […]

The nerd in me loves to compare computers and see how fast they can be, especially in a program that we essentially use every day. I suppose it’s the equivalent to racing fast cars, but with data… sort of? Anyway, for 2015 we created a benchmark that we could run on several different machines to […]

A collection of texture images that you can use however you like. It includes: bricks, concrete, grime, light streaks, snow, wood and more. There’s also an After Effects project file of edited versions using fun color palettes. You’ll be able to see how we created these using a combination of the Colorama, Hue / Saturation and […]

There’s no doubt about it. Charging by the day, or hour, is a popular practice in the creative services industry, but I think it should be reconsidered as a standard. I’ve been on both sides of the fence, as a freelancer who has charged a day rate, and as a business owner who has paid a day […]

As I look back on this 7 year span of my life, I can’t help but think of the classic Anchorman quote, “Boy, that escalated quickly.” Life in the Silicon Valley has been somewhat of a roller coaster, including: community college, two internships, my dream job, freelancing for big name clients, marriage and starting a business. Before […]

We’ve been working on a powerful script that makes animating arrows in After Effects super easy. The script includes a built-in arrow that will auto-orient along your mask path and change size to match the width of your stroke, but you can also use custom layers of your own! Watch the video below to see how […]

Hopefully you’ve never tried to animate confetti one piece at a time; that’s an easy way to ruin your day. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use custom particles in Trapcode Particular to create realistic confetti in After Effects. This technique can also be used to create several other types of particle animations […]

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