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“6 Questions You Should Ask a Creative Vendor”

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1.) Do you ever outsource projects?

Nope. All of our projects since 2014 have been completed with the team you see here.

2.) Will the same people who created projects in your portfolio be working on my project?


3.) How many changes are included in your estimate?

We include 2 major rounds of review, but we’re happy to keep making little tweaks as needed at no extra cost, as long as the scope doesn’t change.

4.) What would make the project cost more than you’ve estimated?

The only time our flat rates will be affected is when steps are taken backwards, such as changing the script after animation has started.

5.) What deliverables will I get to review?

You’ll get to review every step before we move forward, including: Script, Storyboards, Voice Over, Music, Graphic Designs, Animation & Sound Effects.

6.) Can I get the project file at the end? If not, how much will you charge for future changes?

We’ll give you the design files for use on other marketing materials and the animation project files, but if you’d still like to come back to us for changes, we charge $150 per hour.

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