Sometimes it’s nice to have an arsenal of pre-rendered animations in your back pocket, especially for those quick turn around jobs. That’s why we’ve created this bundle of HD motion graphic elements. Easily drag and drop these alpha channel clips inside of After Effects—or any other program that accepts video—for fast and easy creations that look great.

What’s Included:

  • 20 Pre-Rendered Motion Graphic Elements (Click For A Preview)
  • HD 1080p, Quicktime PNG, 24fps, 29.97fps, 30fps and 60fps with Alpha Channels
  • After Effects Project File of Promotional Video (CS6+)

  • kLabatt

    would this work with a program as simple as imovie?

    • Adrian Thompson

      They will definitely import, but I haven’t checked if iMovie can recognize alpha channels or not; if it cannot, then the backgrounds wouldn’t be transparent. I’ll look into this.

    • Adrian Thompson

      Absolutely! They’re just rendered video files.

  • Elizabeth Giorgi

    Just picked this up and threw it in AE CC 2014 and it says 22 files are missing…. which means I can’t edit the files. The .movs seem to be reference files. I want to be able to edit these in AE. Is this maybe a CC compatbility issue?

    • Adrian Thompson

      Sorry you’re having troubles. They are simple Quicktime PNG renders, not reference files. They should easily import into After Effects. I just dragged one into AE CC 2014 without a problem. Have you tried dragging in a specific file rather than the entire folder?

    • Elizabeth Giorgi

      Figured it out. I had to manually re-source the files… Strange. These are all really rad, but now how would you recommend making adjustments to these for color? I could just go play around with hue/saturation – that seems like a weird solution.

    • Elizabeth Giorgi

      Nevermind, just figured out. Didn’t realize you could transform color on mov files in After Effects. Learn something new all the time!

    • Adrian Thompson

      Awesome! Glad you got them working. Yeah, the easiest way (that I know of) to change color is Effects > Generate > Fill.

  • Weebo

    Does this only work with CS6 and above or lower as well?

    • Adrian Thompson

      They are pre-rendered video files, so they’ll work in any program that accepts video.

  • GraphicsAndBeer

    Great looking graphics, for $9.95 that is a steal!

    • Adrian Thompson

      Awesome, thanks! Appreciate the feedback.

  • Adrian Thompson

    Thanks for the feedback guys! By request, these have been updated to include 29.97fps, 30fps and 60fps versions. Simply re-download if you have already purchased.

  • Dave

    Nice these look great!

  • zain

    ooooh kill em

  • Juan Eddards

    So smooth!